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Hey readers!  I asked a friend of mine to write about a local brewery we visited recently!  Check it out!  —–

Go There, Beer That

I love beer. No, this is not the first of my twelve steps. This is my proclamation. I have recently befriended a fellow blogger and all around good person, (Mindy Trujillo).  She has given me the challenge, honor to speak and share my opinion and create a separate sub-blog under her wing.

A little about myself.

Derek- Beer That!

I really do love beer. I love drinking a meal, ergh *clear throat* cough, stout and occasionally like drinking water, or some would call it – a lager. I enjoy beer like I enjoy food. I dissect them, appreciate their complexities, and often have an opinion about them. Despite tasting (of course) over 200 craft beers in my short life, I thank you for the opportunity of your undivided/bathroom reading attention. But be kind. I am an intermediate connoisseur at best. I understand some things about beer: body, hops, H2O; and, this will be a learning process for me as well.

Enough of that, let’s discuss why you are here: Braxton Brewery!

This is a delight and gem. Tucked away in a medium sized town near Cincinnati; Covington, KY has a newer brewery with a unique mix to offer.

As a surprised layman, I met the one of the owners (Greg Rouse) unplanned. He greeted me with a jolly smile and the presence of one who enjoys community and the power of beer. We shared our likes/dislikes, and he shared his hard work. 

It reminded me that I am still in the Midwest where wholesome and high caliber attributes are one in the same (being a fellow Cincinnatian and former Clevelander). 

The brewery almost has a focused ADHD that might be masked by what they offer, coffee! (Starter) Coffee poured in a brew, coffee on nitro, or just plain dark, full bodied coffee.  The nitro coffee is creamy enough to make some creamer-based companies worried about what they are doing wrong.

Starter roasted by Carabello Coffee  in Newport, KY.

This is coffee on nitro!

This is coffee on nitro! Creamy and smooth!

In an attempt to synergize the cities resources, Braxton has teamed with Carabello coffee to create a beautiful stout (Dead Blow Starter), noteworthy to any upper shelf beer. It is an independent coffee brew mixed with their shining star – Dead Blow Tropical Stout.

And did I mention the nitro pour enough? Would you like the nitro pour in your tropical stout brewed with Dates (Nitro – Dead Blow)? Your cream lager (Nitro – Storm)? Your porter (Nitro – Dead Blow)? Feel free, and also compare to the carbon pour and notice the stellar difference!

The atmosphere is light, relaxed and simple with the clear vision of a fused coffee shop and brewery.  

Tours are a regular occurrence, and the staff act like they come from confident and humble rearings.

I can feel see the possibility for expansion (lots of room to expand), new ventures (bourbon barrels), and a great staff devoted to the cause.

The vibe is fun, has room for a small jazz/rock/whatever venue.  It’s simple and dabbling in branding :


& social media

Love the media wall that features instagram pics! #liftonetolife

Plus, they sell a mean growler, even my wife admits it is.

In summary, I give Braxton an 8.5 smiley faces out of 10.  The brewery is young (4 months old!), clever with a couple tricks under its sleeve (nitro pours to compare with the carbon pour, and coffee at a brewery), with a foundational, sturdy front running selection. It is certainly leans more toward stout/coffee vibers/lovers, but still has plenty to enjoy : A traditional dortmunder, IPA, a hoppy wheat ale, and a pale ale (with melon hops?). I won’t give too much away, because it is worth the trip to see for yourself.  

Your fellow beer there guy, Cheers!

GO THERE (Braxton Brewing)!  TRY THAT (Dead Blow Tropical Stout)! 

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    August 31, 2015 at 10:52 pm

    Awesome! Can’t wait to check this out!

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    Judith Billing
    September 1, 2015 at 7:53 am

    I think you and Ed have a lot in common and also with the coffee available non beer lovers can enjoy the place too

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