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One of the things I love about writing this blog, is that people have started recommending places that they love! This includes my hairdresser, Josh. So, the way the story goes, his best friend is the bartender at Goodfellas in OTR and therefore, Josh spends quite a bit of time there. Now, Josh knows I don’t drink, but he also knows how much I love pizza….thin crust pizza. This is why he sent me to Goodfellas. By the way, the one in Anderson Township isn’t the same restaurant (not spelled the same or owned by the same people).

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Goodfellas serves thin, New York-style pizza. These are big, triangle slices that you fold over and just dig into! The crust is both thin and crispy and the cheese is oozy, gooey! You know what I mean…you take a bite and the cheese strings out of your mouth. Not pretty, but perfect. Since this was our first time at Goodfellas, we went traditional and basic: pepperoni. It truly is New York-style with just the right combination of cheese and grease and sauce.  Keep in mind, the pizza in the pic below is a small pizza; the slices sold individually are much bigger.

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Up front, by the window, you can watch the dough being tossed in the air!  Don’t know why, but that makes me happy.  In addition to ordering a small pepperoni, we also tried a slice of sausage and onion.  Our favorite side?  The Extra Large Breadstick! It is a big ass breadstick folks. And we crushed it.

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There is a really nice, roomy bar upstairs (the building actually has three levels) so if you are out late, grab a drink and a slice! You can eat at the upstairs bar. Or, if you want to have a few drinks, do that first and then grab a slice. Or, just head in for pizza and skip the bar. Even if you aren’t drinking, you can eat upstairs, too.  Did I mention you can get a whole pizza or order by the slice? I’d skip the desserts simply because you’ll be too full and because I don’t think they are made locally.

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I’m not gonna lie, I was a little concerned that Goodfellas OTR might favor a hipsters only crowd (no offense hipsters), but that wasn’t the case. There were all kinds of people coming in- just the way I like it! And, I did enjoy the atmosphere. Think brick walls, high top tables, and loud music (heard some Eminem….ohhhhh, yeah!)

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Loved. This. Pizza.  Truly, cannot wait to go back!  Goodfellas also serves subs and calzones if pizza isn’t your thing.  My one disclaimer, I like the variety and the deal you get with the pizza by the slice, but I also like how hot and fresh the pizza is when you get made to order.

Check out this cool to-go cup! As I’ve said, it’s the little things that make me happy!  And my hubby likes that they have Ale81 on tap!

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GO THERE (Goodfellas in OTR)! TRY THAT (Pepperoni Pizza and Extra Large Breadstick)!


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