Summer at Fountain Square!

There are events happening almost every single day and night at Fountain Square and almost all events are FREE!  Last year, while walking around downtown after dinner, we heard some pretty sweet Reggae tunes and decided to follow the beat.  Turns out, there was a free Reggae concert going on and the crowd was jammin’!  My husband got us a couple drinks and we stayed until the concert ended.  It was such a great time.  Then last week, my friend invited us to Salsa on the Square.  Again, free.  Let’s just say that it was HOTTTTT out there in more ways than one.  The temp was soaring, the hips were rotating, and the music was dancing (yes, the music itself seemed to dance).  Luckily a group of professional dancers took the stage twice to offer up salsa lessons so novices like me could at least get the basic steps. When we got home that night, I decided to look up the schedule for Fountain Square; I was blown away by all the activities offered during the summer.  In addition to grooving to Reggae and shaking to Salsa, I’ve also played Trivia and Fountain Feud.  Now . . . I won’t say how well I played, but I had a great time nonetheless.

I’ve included a list of events below with some details:

Monday TRIVIA: 7-9pm 

  • Smaller crowd; people of all ages
  • Food truck and drinks available or bring your own food
  • Bring friends to form a team
  • Gift cards up for grabs for winners

Tuesday FOUNTAIN FEUD: 7-9pm

  • Fountain Square version of the TV game show
  • Don’t have to know the “right answers”, just the popular answers
  • Teams compete for prizes
  • Relaxing and pretty funny (some of the top surveyed answers are crazy town)

Wednesday REGGAE: 7-10pm

  • The combination of rhythm, calypso, and blues bring an energy that is palpable
  • Found this by dining downtown and heard the music from blocks away
  • Bringing the islands to Cincinnati
  • Live bands (see schedule)

Thursday SALSA: 7-10pm 

  • Such a fun, diverse crowd
  • It’s alive- truly
  • Mini lessons included (anyone can do this)
  • Live music– incredible lineup of performers

Friday and Saturday FIFTH AND VINE LIVE: 7-11pm

  • Free outdoor concerts
  • Eclectic lineup of acts- some national and some local
  • Big crowd

I haven’t explored all the lunch events yet, but the weekday is strong.  These all run from 11am- 2pm.  Check it out:

  • TUES- Strauss Troy Market: Heavy on ready-to-eat foods, some produce, jewelry, etc.
  • WED-  World Fair: New event, ready-to-eat foods from different countries; world cuisine
  • THURS- FSQ Eats: All food trucks, checkout the facebook page for the lineup
  • SUN- Rotating events: This Sunday is a brunch and a Bloody Mary bar!

Most events run Memorial Day to Labor Day! Check out their website,, for further info.  Remember, at Fountain Square you can get delicious food, live music, and games.  There is really something for everyone.  I suggest arriving a little early and parking in the garage underneath the square.  At each event, concessions are open with drinks, food is close by for purchase, and events themselves are free! And, you never know who you will see or meet.  At Trivia night, I got beat by a group of former students (insert face of shame) and on Fountain Feud night we met a new friend who ended up joining our team (hey, Guarav)! Plus, there is SO much to do around the square if you want to explore before the events begin.

GO THERE (Fountain Square)!  TRY THAT (Trivia night, Salsa, Reggae)!  

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