Snug Hollow Part 1: Weekend Getaway

Four girls, four personalities, four perspectives.  So for this post, I asked my girlfriends to share their impressions of our stay at Snug Hollow.  I thought I would begin…


I love weekend getaways. Just that word- getaway. Don’t we all need them once in awhile? I think we do. We need them to recharge, refresh, get new perspective, and make new memories! Lucky for me, I have friends who are usually up for adventures. I started thinking about how refreshing a girls getaway would be. It couldn’t be someplace too far. It had to be somewhere new. It had to be an experience. Somehow this led me to googling farms in Kentucky in a span of about five minutes. Not sure how it happened, but it led to four girls heading off to Snug Hollow Farm close to Irvine, KY: location remote enough that the owner, Barbara, warned me to arrive before dark or the dirt road back to her property might be too treacherous to navigate.  We’re talking right up against the Daniel Boone National Forest friends! I was pumped!! As a girl who grew up spending her summers outdoors in northern Wisconsin, I like remote, I like nature, I like beautiful scenery and hilly roads, and I like places to contemplate the universe.  This is what you get at Snug Hollow.  

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Processed with VSCOcam with s3 presetWhen staying at Snug Hollow, you have the choice of renting a room in the farm house (pic up above) (where Barbara lives) or renting one of three cabins. The rooms in the house are smaller than the cabins and thus less expensive, but I’m sure are very nice and they do come with a private porch.  Her “farm” house by the way, is gorgeous inside and out.  For our trip, we chose The Cozy Cabin, a 180 year old restored chestnut log cabin. We picked this one for the history, the extra room, and the privacy.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetThis cabin (pic above) more than met my expectations. There were rocking chairs inside and on the porch, the sound of the bubbling brook just outside the open windows was so soothing, and the rustic knickknacks placed throughout added the perfect touch of charm.

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Processed with VSCOcam with s1 presetWe were in the holler and I couldn’t have been happier.  I spoke with some guests staying in one of the newer cabins and they couldn’t talk highly enough of the open floor plan and the smell of cedar from the trees! The picture below is the newer cabin, which offers even more privacy as it is more secluded.  

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 presetWhen you stay at Snug Hollow, breakfast comes with your reservation and dinners can be added for an extra charge. One of my favorite touches- Barb rings the bell for breakfast and everyone sits down together to eat. 

Processed with VSCOcam with s3 presetI highly suggest reserving a spot for at least one dinner because Barbara is a fantastic cook and her staff is super friendly. The cabins do have kitchens so you could bring food with you to save costs on lunches.  The grounds offer the perfect place for a picnic.  There are some hiking trails on the property too.  In fact, one afternoon it was raining and Barb was offering up her boots for us to borrow so we could explore the grounds if we wanted to.

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This is the kind of getaway where you could go, park your car, explore the property, read a book, play cards, talk, and never leave until it’s time to go. Or, go explore some of the surrounding areas! Totally up to you!


The thing I loved about Snug Hollow was the element of surprise. As we drove those curvy, country roads, I did not know what to expect. Then when we finally made it to the entrance/driveway, I was giddy with excitement! Rounding the last bend and seeing the main farmhouse all lit up ahead was a beautiful sight. To be immediately greeted and welcomed by Barb, who met us at our car, was a treat and a true example of hospitality at its finest. We were invited to take a look around our cabin and get settled and then Barb walked us around her house (the main house where we would have our meals).



I remember saying over and over, “it’s like we’re in an enchanted garden!”

IMG_3486It was such a sight and something you have to experience for yourself to understand. Oh, and on a clear night, you HAVE to check out the stars! We arrived at dusk, so once it was dark, I took a minute to soak in the beauties above me. This was just the first night, but I had a feeling Snug Hollow had a lot more in store for me to take in!

To be continued….

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    Judith Billing
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    This sounds so serene and peaceful, something most of us need now and then

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