Sake Bomb Korean in Erlanger, KY

Sake Bomb in Erlanger, KY is the bomb!  It’s the bomb dot com!  (Yep, I went there).  Basically, one night we were looking for a place to eat and I was craving sushi.    I did some googling, suggested a new place, and my friends were on board.  This unassuming restaurant in a small strip packs a gigantic punch of flavor.  Plus, Sake Bomb made a great first impression by starting us each off with a warm bowl of miso soup, on the house.

Since the original plan was to get sushi, we ordered plenty.  From the beautiful simplicity of the nigiri to the complicated rolls, it was all delicious.  That unagi nigiri melts in the mouth like butter. Sake Bomb offers regular rolls such as the California, rainbow, and spicy tuna as well as crowd favorites such as the volcano, crunch munch, and Sunday morning.  They also throw some originals in the mix.  The Playboy, which is delicious, has avocado, shrimp tempura, tuna, eel sauce (my fave), masago, and tempura flakes.  One of our personal favorites?  The Godzilla (spicy tuna, tempura shrimp, crab stick, spicy mayo, and eel sauce).  It’s the kitchen sink of sushi; it’s got it all.

Sushi rolls for days!

When dining at Sake Bomb, you might want to order sushi as a starter; I suggest getting a variety of rolls to share! The problem ( a good problem) is that Sake Bomb has SO many cool menu options; I don’t want to be limited to sushi here  . . .  and I crave sushi.

Miso Soup


Incredible sushi rolls!

Because we’ve enjoyed so many dishes at Sake Bomb, I’m going to highlight some of our cherished dishes:

  1.  Yaki Soba : thin Japanese noodles with vegetables and your choice of meat.  The chicken and shrimp are good, but oh that beef!  Well, I mean, you could get tofu, but why (insert mischievous grin)?? The carrot and onion add a nice crunch to the lightly fried noodles.
  2. Seafood Spicy Ramen: Korean ramen with seafood, vegetables, and egg.  Such ramen fans here.  This one has a flavorful broth with plenty of noodles to round it out.  Plus, it’s gorgeous! It’s a great balance of spicy and rich.  If you want it spicier, just ask!
  3. Bulgogi: tender slices of beef with authentic Korean barbecue sauce.  This Korean beef BBQ is amazing.  I’m not entirely sure what the marinade is at Sake Bomb, but I can taste soy, garlic, and pepper.  The texture of the beef is crispy on the outside and tender inside.  Served with rice, it’s hearty.

Next visit, which will be soon I’m sure, I want to try a classic Korean hot stone bowl!

Yaki Soba

Seafood Ramen


Sake Bomb serves something I’ve never seen on a menu before: goetta fried rice.  My friend Joanna said, and I quote, “it’s the bomb diggity- a must have every time I go.  So flipping good!!!”  While I might not order it as my dinner choice, I have to be honest.  My fork, somehow, kept sneaking bites from her plate!

Goetta Fried Rice

Korean Bento Box

I also need to draw attention to the Korean honey tea at Sake Bomb.  I got the plum tea my first visit and was pleasantly surprised by the sweet, floral, and citrusy notes.  It’s an explosive tea that I will keep coming back to.  Next visit we tried the ginger and the citron.  My husband loved the ginger tea because it’s undeniably ginger with a bite.  The citron is nice, but a little too subtle for my taste.

We’ve been to Sake Bomb three times now and have received the best personal service.  Our waitress, Hilary, is fun to talk to, generous, and genuinely cares about her customers.  Ask for recommendations because if you’re like me, everything on this Asian/Korean menu sounds good. Sake Bomb feels like it’s family owned and while it’s always busy, the wait is never too long.

As their mission states, Sake Bomb is affordable, healthy, filling and tasty!

GO THERE (Sake Bomb)!  TRY THAT (Sushi, Ramen, Yaki Soba)!

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