The SkyStar Experience, Attacking your Fears (Plus free tickets)

This blog is about celebrating new experiences and trying new things. Well, this time, trying a new experience means facing one of my biggest fears: heights.

Yep, I have a real fear of heights. . . a real fear of heights. In fact, I’m starting this post a week before the actual event because I am already nervous! I have to write about it to gear myself up for it! What am I so nervous about? Getting on the SkyStar (which I am affectionately referring to as the wheel of death). Normal people refer to it as the largest mobile observation wheel in the U.S. I mean, I love admiring it. I think it’s a beautiful addition to the Cincinnati Banks. It’s a glorious site at night. In a way, I both love the SkyStar and fear the SkyStar. I love it from afar! But, Friday night, February 8th, I’m getting on it in spite of my fears!

I don’t care who you are, that’s HIGH!

Since I’ve already been worrying about it for a week, I’m going to dig up a photo of me riding a Sky Lift in Gatlinburg, TN. I so didn’t want to ride it, but, because I suffer terribly from FOMO (fear of missing out), I wanted to share in that experience with my friends. As I waited in line, my heart was thumping, my palms were seriously sweating, my breath was failing, and my mind was racing with “what if” scenarios that all resulted in death or mutilation. But, I got on. Barely. But I got on.

Sky Lift in Gatlinburg, TN.

Sometimes I make myself attack my fears, even through tears, because I don’t want to give into them. So, I am once again, hopefully, going to tackle my fear of heights by getting on the Cincinnati SkyStar Wheel. Here we go!

Beautiful, but SO high!
This is me almost ready to board; I’m terrified and thinking of back out!
View of the Banks, Smale Park, and the Ohio River.
View of downtown and the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.
View of downtown Cincinnati!
View of the Roebling Bridge (my favorite) and the river as the sun starts to set!

Seeing the skyline and riverfront views of Cincinnati and Kentucky is simply incredible. My amazement of it all slowly eased my discomfort and allowed me to settle in. I kept looking out and not down.

By the third loop, I’m more relaxed and in awe of the city! As long as my husband didn’t get up and move! LOL
Watching the sun slowly set over Cincinnati at 150-feet? Worth smacking your fears in the face!

Am I proud I did it? Absolutely! Will I probably be scared the next time? Absolutely! But I’m feeling pretty confident there will be a next time. The ride is just too impressive to miss. It’s a one-of-a-kind, 12-minute, four full revolutions experience. And when you’re done, grab a bite to eat at local restaurants like Yard House and Taste of Belgium, both right next door. Can’t beat that as a Cincinnati night out.

How can you ride for free? Comment on this post and share either a fear you’ve attacked, or a fear you want to attack and you will be entered to win four tickets to ride SkyStar!

GO THERE (SkyStar)! TRY THAT (purposefully facing your fears)!