Big Ash Brewing

Photo of five beers on the patio

There’s a new beer house in town and this one happens to be just down the street from me!  The Cincinnati craft beer scene is exploding (well, it has been for years now) and it’s nice to see a piece of that progress in my own neighborhood.  And, it’s not just a bar, it’s a restaurant and gathering place.

Bar at Big Ash

The Bar at Big Ash Brewery

What makes Big Ash Brewing super unique is its approach to serving craft beer.  Everything is on tap and self-serve.  At Big Ash, you go in, get a card, and use that card (vending-machine-style) to taste as many beers as you’d like.  Each time you insert your card and make a pour, it adds to your tab.  Pretty clever because you can try as much or as little as you’d like.  If you know you love a particular dark stout, fill a tall glass.  If you want to try many different options, go for the smaller tasting glasses. On two of our visits, we actually spent less money and yet tried more drinks.

Photo of Big Ash tap with card

Try as little or as much as you like!

Big Ash also has hard cider and wine on tap plus a nice lineup of beers brewed on site.  They have an impressive selection such as a Coffee Blonde, Pineapple Cherry Sour, New England IPA, American Amber, and a Vanilla Cream Ale.  Their Baltic Porter was delicious and my husband really enjoyed their Milk Stout.

If you’re hungry, you can grab pizza and pretzels inside. Think flatbread pizza — thin, light, and crispy.  Big Ash dishes up signature pies and build-your-own creations.  Again, there are not servers per se.  You place your own order when ready.  There are experts around to provide direction or input if needed.

Now, full disclosure, I do not really drink.  I’m actually alcohol intolerant.  Super similar to an allergy.  But, I still love breweries and distilleries.  I like trying sips (lots of small sips) of various drinks, especially those made locally.  I enjoy a bit of hard cider now and then as well. If you like cider, you have to try Blackberry Wild by Cider Boys!  What I really like about breweries is the atmosphere.  I like gathering and talking.  I like the casual vibe and the ability to just show up and stay as long or as little as wanted.  On our last visit, we sat for awhile and played Gin Rummy!  Merchandise at Big Ash Brewery

Big Ash Brewery MerchCheck out this locally owned and operated Cincinnati business.  Take a break.  Have a seat.  Grab a drink.  Meet a friend.  You deserve it.

GO THERE (Big Ash)! TRY THAT (a tap of this and a tap of that )!

Tom & Chee + a Giveaway

Growing up, my mom did all the cooking– with two exceptions.  My dad made fried bologna and grilled cheese!  These were his specialities.   And while my mom is a good cook, she just never got the grilled cheese as perfectly toasty, buttery, and cheesy as my dad did! When I first learned about Tom & Chee, a restaurant devoted to the art of a perfect grilled cheese sandwich, I was definitely excited and cautiously optimistic.  See, as much as I love grilled cheese and fried bologna sandwiches, I like them the way I grew up.  Simple.  Classic.  A taste of home.

Love these tots with garlic aioli!

Over the past couple years, I’ve eaten at several different Tom & Chee locations; I’ve always enjoyed it.  It’s reminiscent of my childhood . . . just a bit more elevated and a bit more decadent.  Now, there’s a new Tom & Chee location in Anderson Township and I’d argue it’s the best one yet! The staff is incredibly friendly, the melts are perfectly toasted, the food is fresh, the service is quick, and the space is bright and clean!

I know I keep mentioning grilled cheese, but Tom & Chee serves up a variety of melts, sides, salads, and desserts as well.  I think my favorite melt is the Bacon Mac & Chee (cheddar, mozzarella, homemade mac and cheese, and applewood smoked back). Yep, that’s right.  Mac & Cheese ON my grilled cheese. What?!  I’ve dined with several friends and I think we all have a different favorite, which is a very good sign if you ask me. One friend loved the Cuban, another the Philly, and my husband dug the Westsider (pepper jack, bacon, goetta, fried egg, and hot sauce).  We all loved the tots.

Bacon Mac & Chee

Tom & Chee is a great dinner option for all ages!

Oh, and if you like rich, decadent, outside-the-box desserts, you have to try the S’More donut.  Ummmmmmm . . . chocolate pieces, graham cracker and marshmallow mascarpone cheese on a grilled donut! Hello! Yes, pretty please.

S’More Donut

So how can you get a $25.00 gift card to Tom & Chee? Simply share this post on Facebook or Twitter and you will be entered to win.  It’s that easy. What are you waiting for?

Location: 7578 Beechmont next to Kroger

GO THERE (Tom & Chee)!  TRY THAT (The Bacon Mac & Chee; S’More Donut; Garlic, Cheese, and Chive Tots)!