Packing Healthy: Bento Style and Fox 19 (video included)

About 16 months ago, I began what I hope is a lifelong journey to being healthier.  To me, that means taking time for myself, thinking about the nutrition in my food, and finding exercises I enjoy!  At this point, I’ve lost 85 pounds, but I am desperately seeking that 100!  I hope to share that achievement in a few months. Like many people, I’ve hit plateaus, felt frustrated, and picked myself back up.  And, I know I write a blog about going out, but in order to go out, I have to eat healthy in! Thanks to Fox 19, I got to share some of my journey on air.

For me, weekly shopping (at Trader Joe’s) with a strategic list (hitting the outside aisles as much as possible) and prepping lunches and snacks, has made the most impact.  If I get super hungry and don’t have something with me, I will hit the vending machine . . . or grab some chocolate from a coworker.  If I’m running errands, tired and stressed, I might hit the drive-thru!  So now I think about two things: balance and protein.  I’m not against carbs; it’s just that sometimes when I eat carbs (cereal for example) I end up hungrier sooner than I’d like to be or I experience drops in blood sugar.

One answer to these problems, for me, has been high protein bento boxes.  I buy these on Amazon, but you can pack this way in any kind of container or lunch box! Just keep extra ice packs around to ensure lunches AND snacks stay cold!  Originating in Japan, Bento style lunches, simplified, equals several smaller portions of various foods.  I pack a lot of high protein foods like hardboiled eggs, string cheese, nitrate free turkey, tuna salad, yogurt, and edamame.  I’m not super adventurous with veggies yet. I pack plenty of carrots, celery, and cauliflower. Fruit I try to keep seasonal, but I love making my own fruit medleys.  I haven’t hit the lunchroom cafeteria once in the last year.  And keeping snacks in the car has saved my butt on numerous occasions.

Check out my segment on Fox 19 (linked here) to hear more! I’d love to hear about your health journey! Whether we want to shed some pounds, get off a particular medication, or be more active, we can do this!  We are never too old to give up!  We are never too old to find adventure!

GO THERE (Trader Joes, Amazon)!  TRY THAT (Bento high protein packing)! 




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