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Yagoot: Real Frozen Yogurt

It’s funny– I’ve been a huge fan of Yagoot for a few years. The only reason I haven’t written about this cold, creamy addiction before now is that I thought Yagoot was a massive chain with stores across the country. Nope. I just found out Yagoot is a local Cincinnati treat with storefront locations in Rookwood Commons and Deerfield Towne Center.

So what makes Yagoot so good? Well, in my opinion, it’s not only really refreshing, but it’s good for you! It’s full of probiotics and active cultures– just like regular yogurt. Don’t think of the typical super sweet frozen yogurt that is almost the same as soft-serve ice cream. Think tart, tingly, and tasty. It’s bright, cold, and kind of packs a punch (in a really good way)

We have our got-to orders: I get a cup of strawberry or black raspberry yogurt topped with kiwi or Yomance (Strawberry Chocolate Swirls with Dark Chocolate Croquants) and my husband gets the original yogurt topped with granola or Fruity Pebbles. As far as toppings, you can keep it super healthy and add fresh fruit or have some fun and add toppings like Rainbow Mochi, Sprinkles, or Cheesecake Bites. You can also get smoothies, sailors (essentially a float with either orange pop or red pop), pints to go, Acai bowls, and more.

Certain flavors like the original (super tart) and strawberry are always on tap. Other flavors rotate in and out monthly so there are lots of fun options such as white peach, pistachio, mango, blood orange, and pumpkin. My fave= caramelized pineapple . . . it’s so refreshing!

If you haven’t tried Yagoot yet, give it a go. If you aren’t sure what flavor you want, just ask for samples! They do let you try before you order. If you are a Yagoot fan, I’d love to hear your favorite combination!

GO THERE (Yagoot)! TRY THAT (Sample the flavors first)!

Finding Christmas Cheer in Christmas Lights

No doubt Covid has changed our Christmas season. I miss cookie baking with friends, going to concerts and plays, and hosting holiday gatherings. While I am mourning all of these traditions, I will admit, slowing down hasn’t been all terrible. I’m not as rushed. I’m not trying to fill all my time with all the great things. We’ve even purchased an advent wreath with candles to thoughtfully remember the purpose of this season. What a beautiful new tradition that we can do at home together.

Another new way we are receiving joy and light this December is by driving around and looking at Christmas lights. We’ve done this in the past, but this year is different. It’s better! My husband found a post on the Captain of the Kids blog listing houses and neighborhoods around the city with amazing light displays. The guide is great because it labels each house: just lights, lights and music, and award winners.

So far we’ve done the Anderson Township/ Mt, Washington area, the Carthage/Wyoming/St. Bernard/Mt. Healthy area, and the Milford/Loveland area. We have fun mapping out our routes and seeing parts of the city we haven’t before.

We just finished planning our routes for Fairfield/Forest Park and Northern Kentucky. Two more epic drives to come. It gets us out of the house and we listen to a variety of Christmas tunes (sometimes we have to take turns controlling the playlist). There is just something about LIGHT this time of year; it’s a powerful reminder of hope.

These drives have truly brought us joy. We talk. We pack snacks. Grab a hot chocolate, or in my case, a peppermint mocha! Honestly, I believe more people are stepping up this year. Doing something. Even if it’s small. Adding a little bit of glow to what feels like, at times, grim days. I see it even in my own neighborhood. People putting a little something outside to sort of show that we are all in this together.

Again, check out this article by Captain of the Kids to plan your routes! It’s really something for the entire family. Plus, it’s free (other than the gas) and it’s covid safe. You know my motto: experiences are more important than things.

If any of you would like to know some of my personal favorites so far, please comment on the post and I will get back to you. Or, if you have a house or neighborhood that you think I should check out, please comment and let me know.

GO THERE (Driving around your city)! TRY THAT (Checking out the Christmas lights)!