The Woodhouse Day Spa

Ethereal.  Glorious.  Pampering.  Perfection. Therapeutic.  These are the words that spilled out of my mouth when a friend asked about my experience at Woodhouse Day Spa.  And while I do tend to speak in hyperbole, I can assure you that none is being used here.  Last week I was invited, along with my friend and fellow blogger Katie Holocher, to spend a morning at The Woodhouse Day Spa in Montgomery.  This was the second “GO OUT” adventure in our series.  Be sure to check out Katie’s perspective at Out + Outfit.

Even the changing room in this spa is beautiful.

We were both giddy about this weeks in advance.   While neither Katie nor I are new to getting a massage, we are both new to a four-handed massage. Four hands working in tandem . . . in unison . . . melting away stress, fatigue, and achiness.  I’m pretty certain this is the stuff that dreams are made of.  Plus, I had been telling Katie how beautiful and calming the spa is;  it’s impossible not to relax at Woodhouse.

And, it didn’t take long.  In fact, two steps in and the calming music, serene lighting, and essential oils greeted us ever so kindly.  A few more steps and we were slipping into plush robes and offered either coffee, a mimosa, or cucumber infused water.  By that point, I was drifting away.   The ambiance is so soothing and quieting; it’s truly second to none.  Woodhouse treated us to a tour of the spa and each room is a little private sanctuary; sometimes, we just need a warm, cozy place to escape.  Sometimes, we need someone to take care of and spoil us.  No shame in that.

This photo might be a little blurry, but I’m blaming that on Katie’s excitement. She couldn’t sit still.

A private pedi room.

Soak first, massage second.

I desperately need someone to try a body wrap and tell me about it.

Friends, those are rose petals!

I have actually had a massage at Woodhouse before and I treasured every single second.  But, as I said before, this experience was new.  Picture this.  Two therapists perform seamlessly choreographed, rhythmic movements in an 80-minute massage.  80 MINUTES!    One angel started on my scalp, neck, and shoulders while the other tended to my feet, ankles, and toes.  And it went on like that for what seemed like hours.  Done.  I was just done.  Done in the absolute best way possible.  After that,  it was like synchronized swimmers; these therapists never skipped a beat.  Each detail of each arm and leg and section of my back was tended to at the same time.  Absolutely glorious. From the heated bed, ambient lighting, and aromatic oils to every single second of that massage, I felt renewed and at peace and ready to embrace the summer.

Crazy hair. Not a care.

When I exited the room, hair in disarray and mind unclear of what day it was, I simultaneously felt like I could take on the world and didn’t have a care in the world.  I don’t know that I’ve ever been so physically relaxed.  I promise you that treating yourself to a block of time at Woodhouse is absolutely time and money well spent. If Katie and I were giddy before, we were all kinds of crazy giddy after this experience.

Go for a massage, a mani/pedi, or a facial.  Or, go big and try one of the body treatments (mud wrap, seaweed wrap, sugar glow) and please please please tell me each detail!  Inquiring minds want to know!

GO THERE (Woodhouse Day Spa)!  TRY THAT (any massage)! 

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