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Woodhouse Day Spa and Self-Care

I’ve taken a break from most things blog related because, well, it’s been a rough few months. Tragedy at work and health issues in the family have left me unable to write about much; my head and heart haven’t been in the game.  Until now.

This is a quick post about self-care. We all need it. Now I’m not saying we have to go to the “treat yo’ self” extreme of Tom and Donna in Parks and Rec. I’m not talking about maxing credit cards on shopping sprees, but rather intentionally doing things that better our emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental well-being. This might include counseling, exercising, meeting a friend for coffee, getting plenty of rest, going on a weekend hike, driving with the windows down while listening to your fave tunes, reading a good book, and getting a massage.

Cheesy but so true!

I haven’t been so good at this lately because life has been crazy; however, I am intentionally pursuing it! I have a book by my side, I’m leaving for vacation today, I’ve started eating healthier again, I’ve contacted my counselor, I went on a hike last weekend with friends, we’ve taken drives with the top off the jeep, I got air in my bike tires, and. . . I got a massage and facial this week.

This leads me to Woodhouse Day Spa. Woodhouse is my “treat yo’ self” place. There is no spa as peaceful and relaxing as Woodhouse. Think plush robes, essential oils, and berry-infused water. Think expertly trained massage therapists and skin estheticians with calming voices and the perfect touch. I’ve been a visitor to both the Montgomery and Liberty Woodhouse locations and each has been a needed oasis.  A time to feel spoiled.  A time to rejuvenate.  A time to breathe deeply.  A time to  clear my mind.

Trust me, whether you try a facial, massage, or sleep treatment, you will be gifting yourself some incredible self-care. Every single time I’ve visited Woodhouse, I’ve left feeling better about myself – the stress just melts away.

All. The. Details.

The quiet room. I thought about moving in.

Ahhh, an extensive facial! No makeup- don’t care. Curly hair- don’t care. My skin has never felt so good.

When life gets hectic, or the bumps in the road throw us off course, we often forget to take care of ourselves.  But, after awhile, we aren’t any good for anyone else.  And if you’re a fixer and a doer like I tend to be, you truly enjoy doing for others; remember though, like most things in life, it’s all about balance.  So cheers to taking better care of ourselves and not feeling one bit guilty about it.

P.S.- The new location in Liberty Township is about 10,000 square feet of pure bliss. And, they are running a special this month- get a premium facial and receive 40% off skincare items during June.

Whatever you do, just take care of YOU.  Yes, you are worth it! Yes, you matter!

GO THERE (Woodhouse Day Spa)! TRY THAT (self-care, facial, massage)!



Cool Classes to Cure the Winter Blues (and a giveaway)

February and March can be tough months!  If you’re like me, you’re getting tired of the cold and the grey.  Some of us might be heading into hermit territory.  In fact, most week days I come home from work and desire nothing more than to put my pajamas on and cozy up with a blanket.  Luckily, if you are feeling those winter blues, there are all kinds of opportunities, inside, to learn something new, explore your artistic side, and burn off some energy.  Here is a quick overview of a few I’ve explored recently and highly recommend.  Plus, I’ve got a giveaway to help get you out of the house so be sure to read until the end.

Uptown Art in Anderson:

Uptown Art on Beechmont Ave. in Anderson Township is a paint studio that provides the perfect casual learning environment with step-by-step instructions from super nice experts.  This one is the perfect girls night out.  I went recently with some of my best girls and we had a blast.  While we all painted the same picture, each one turned out differently.  As our instructor kept reminding us, it’s “wine art, not fine art” so let the OCD go.  I love that their calendar is up at least one month in advance so you can pick the perfect painting for you.  Uptown Art is a big, bright, open space and they have a bar so you really can sip that wine with one hand while exercising your creative muscles with the other.  Feel free to bring in snacks or grab those at the bar as well.  One of my friends picked up some sushi and another made some homemade treats.  It was lovely.  I’ve also been to Uptown Art when they offered cookie decorating classes. Another relaxing time out with friends.    

Something for everyone.

Perfect night out with friends!

Finished paintings.

Queen City Clay in Hyde Park:

Queen City Clay is a pretty special place.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve always wanted to try my hand at the wheel and the instructors at Queen City are the perfect teachers for brand new beginners and experts alike.  You can learn how to use the pottery wheel in a small group, single session Open Wheel class, or if you want to really get good, take an 8-week class.  Even with the single session, I walked away with a beautiful bowl that I made myself.  There’s a great sense of pride in that.  Offering a variety of classes from drawing, sculpting, and cartooning, Queen City is a great learning space for kids.  They offer art classes and summer camps for the young, blooming artisans out there.  What I didn’t realize until my most recent visit is that Queen City also has a walk-in painting studio.  It’s a great space.  Pick a piece of pottery and paint away.  If you love pottery like I do, bring your wallet because local artisans have studios inside Queen City and you can purchase some beautiful handmade items in the gallery.  

Open wheel sessions.

Classes for all skill levels.

Painting pottery studio.

Gallery to purchase art by local artisans.

Class Axe Throwing in West Chester:

OK.  I’ve been seeing this axe throwing thing on social media for a couple months and I’ve been so intrigued.  For Valentine’s Day, I took my husband to Class Axe Throwing in West Chester.  I needed to find out what all the hype was about.  I’m so glad I did.  At Class Axe you will spend 1.5 hours learning, throwing, and competing in a safe environment.  Trust me when I say you don’t have to be good at sports to be good at axe throwing.  I barely speak sports and I hit my share of bullseyes!  I felt pretty bad axe if I do say so myself (I’ve been using that joke since Valentine’s Day)!  Class Axe is BYOB; I suggest scheduling a couple lanes with a group of friends and making a night of it.  If you really get into it, there are axe throwing leagues at Class Axe, too.  And, don’t think you will just mindlessly be throwing axes for over an hour.  You’ll play several different games (like darts)– each round with a different goal.  While you’re up there, if you’ve never done an Escape Room, you can do that at Class Axe as well.  I’m definitely a fan and look forward to going back soon.  

The range.

Feeling pretty “bad axe” hitting that bullseye.

Great team building activity!

Now that’s funny!

GIVEAWAY: If you’d like to try your hand at throwing axes, I have tickets for four to Class Axe in West Chester!  All you have to do is comment on this post by telling me something new you’ve tried in the last year or so. As always, social media shares are appreciated.

GO THERE (Uptown Art, Queen City Clay, Class Axe Throwing)!  TRY THAT (Learning a new skill)!