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Camporosso (Neapolitan Pizza)

I love it when passionate people sell me, quite passionately, a restaurant.  This is what happened with Camporosso in Ft. Mitchell, KY.  A friend of a friend, raved about Camporosso; in fact, she was quite surprised I had neither been nor heard of it.  I could tell from her sales pitch, I needed to rectify that situation as quickly as possible because if I loved it half as much as she did, I’d have new favorite pizza place! 

I love a weeknight dinner with friends!

It took all of about five minutes for my personal love affair to commence.  The waiter, without me asking, offered to whip up a mocktail for this nondrinker!  What?!  Yep . . . smitten.  Cheers to old friends and new friends!  Cheers to red wine, bourbon cocktails, and fruity mocktails!  Cheers to the start of a great meal!

While Camporosso’s motto is Neopolitan Done Right, the pasta is perfect!

While the signature dish at Camporosso is Neopolitan Pizza, the menu is Italian and I can attest to just how great the spaghetti is.  The house-made red sauce is delicious and I’m such a fan of thicker spaghetti noodles, especially when served perfectly al dente.

Wood fired oven imported from Italy!

Buffalo Chicken and Bacon (American Style)

Camporosso is known for wood-fired pizza; each pizza is fired in their authentic oven imported from Italy.  The dough is handmade Neopolitan dough and the fresh mozzarella is made in-house daily.  Between the three of us we tried the following:

  • Classic Margherita: crushed san marzano tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, EVOO
  • Soppressata:  crushed tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, sopressata salami, local hot honey
  • Buffalo Chicken and Bacon:   buffalo sauce, roasted chicken, bacon, shredded mozzarella

I am by no means an expert in wood-fired or Neopolitan pizza, but I do know what tastes good and I do know this pizza exceeded my expectations.  The ingredients are fresh, the crust is crispy and doughy in all the right places, and the pizzas are simple, yet artisan.  My friend Korie went super traditional with the Margherita because she just finished watching a special on Neopolitan pizza and evidently, the Margherita pizza is THE classic way to go (san marzaon tomatoes and all)!  She was not disappointed.  I crushed the Soppressata; the hot honey added a touch of sweet to the crust and I could not get enough.

In a second visit, my friend ordered The Pepper & The Pig (crushed tomatoes, peppadew peppers, wild boar salami, mozzarella) and loved it!  I’m so glad because I really wanted to try it as well as the Prosciutto & Fig (prosciutto, fig jam, gorgonzola, arugula).


Margherita Pizza

Sopressata Hot Honey

If you begin a meal with drinks, there is a rule which states that you must conclude with dessert.  I’m sure I read that somewhere.  We decided to share the S’more Calzone.  This was so rich it was wrong.  Wrong in all the sweet, gooey, messy, amazing ways that a S’more should be! But, to my surprise, my favorite dessert was the Bourbon Gelato.  Made with Woodford Reserve bourbon, this gelato was freaking phenomenal.  I didn’t expect to like it but I’ve been telling everyone about it.  It’s strong and sweet and subtle and smooth and crunchy . . . and it just works!

Does this pair well with my wine? S’more Calzone

S’more Calzone

Bourbon Pecan Gelato

Clearly, I’m in love and I cannot wait to go back! The environment is lovely, the staff is friendly, and when the weather is warmer, the outdoor patio will be ready for me!

GO THERE (Camporosso)!  TRY THAT (Wood Fired Pizza, Bourbon Ice Cream)! 
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