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Fond: Lunch & Deli

This is an if only post.  If only I tried Fond when it was first recommended to me.  If only I tried Fond the second time it was recommended to me.  If only I stopped by Fond a few months ago when I was driving down 275 and it crossed my mind as I glanced at the exit.  No more if onlys for me. I finally went to Fond Lunch and Deli with a dear friend and I loved it.  Truly blown away by the service, the flavors, and the menu options, I went back a week later with more friends.

Many locally sourced ingredients.

Fond: Lunch and Deli is small but mighty.  The location, just off 275 at the Montgomery Rd. exit, is a bit hidden, but it’s a gem.  There are so many things to appreciate about Fond; let me highlight a few:

  • family owned and family operated
  • lots of locally sourced product
  • organic, vegan, vegetarian, and meat options available
  • bright, bold, creative dishes and unique flavors
  • hummus made in at least five flavors (get a sampling with chips)
  • open for breakfast and lunch
  • dill pickles made in-house (spicy)

I loved all the hummus, but I bought some of that beet hummus to bring home. Isn’t it beautiful?

Langue et Joue (beef tongue and pork jowl) sandwich.

I was nervous about the beef tongue, but I’m a when in Rome kind of girl so when I heard it was one of their specialities, I went for it.  The flavor and tenderness of the meat was incredible.  I loved the addition of the jam.  In fact, my two girlfriends tried it and loved it, too.  I think tongue is one of those things you just don’t think about too much.  Just eat.  Luckily, I went to Fond with friends who like to share because I enjoyed each dish equally. I kept being surprised by each bite.  I’ve not had anything that tastes similar.

Spring Roller and Slaw.

Goetta Clue (goetta, egg, and some kind of amazing cheese).

Bob Saag-et tacos (a take on saag paneer) with pickled kohlrabi.

I mean, you can’t walk away without trying a cookie or two, right?!

At Fond, the food is fresh and bold in flavor, but the customer service is just as impressive.  When I ordered at the counter, all my questions were addressed in such a kind way and the staff remembered our names.  In a nutshell, the menu at Fond is unique and the owner, Ethan, has a way with food and people.  Who doesn’t love a place that’s healthy and jam packed with flavor.  Fond lunch and deli is a real find! I can’t wait to take my husband.

GO THERE (Fond)!   TRY THAT (Am Asian Tacos, Goetta Clue, Mint Green Tea)!
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EAT (out)

CWC, a restaurant by Cooking with Caitlin

People always ask me to name my favorite restaurant.  Typically, that’s pressure.  But now, I don’t even have to think about it.  It’s CWC!  Props to my husband for finding this gem.  CWC, a restaurant by Cooking with Caitlin, is located in the heart of Wyoming, a Cincinnati suburb.  Chef Caitlin Steininger and her sister, Kelly Trush, own and operate CWC; however, “Cooking with Caitlin” is far more than a restaurant.  In fact, the restaurant is preceded by a radio show, food demos, and the publication of original recipes.  Check out their website, Cooking with Caitlin, to find videos and recipes. There are no secrets here.  These sisters love food and are willing to freely share that love!

Caitlin taking a quick break from cooking! Sit at the counter to watch her work her magic.

Right now the restaurant is open weekends only (with the exception of Third Thursday which I will get to in a sec).  The restaurant opens Friday at 4 pm, Saturday at 5 pm, and Sunday at 9 am.  My first visit to CWC was for Sunday brunch.  The entire meal made me smile.  My husband and I shared the special-  a deliciously filling egg-over-pork-over-potatoes dish.  Just know, because this restaurant is fresh and creative, the menu changes.  One thing that hasn’t changed is the Homemade Yeast Donuts.  Do NOT pass these up.  For reals.  These donuts are fried to order, hot, and served with three different creams (Mexican Hot Chocolate, Vanilla, and Orange- Ginger). You need these in your life.  Promise.


Sunday brunch.

I recently attended a Third Thursday event at CWC with a group of friends.  And it is an event.  Third Thursday is a time for Caitlin to experiment with recipes and try new twists.  It’s nine bite-sized portions of deliciousness. Be sure to make reservations and arrive early.  The bar will be open and plenty of mingling will be happening.

This biscuit with carrot jam made me like biscuits!

Third Thursday.

I’ve never met an egg I loved more.

I realized, after the fact, that most of my pics are sweet treats!  Totally my state of mind.  Please know, Third Thursday isn’t all about dessert.  We tasted kimchi grilled cheese, fish, Chicago-style pizza, shrimp, and the most amazing Brussel sprouts! Between bites, it was all about spending time with friends.  In fact, I had my milestone “45” bday party at CWC and every single friend raved about the food and the positive energy.  It’s creative, yet homey.  One of my favorite dishes of the night had to be his fried chicken; it took me home!

This fried chicken is out of this world!

CWC feels like home.

And, I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to Kelly who is the nicest, the perkiest, the sassiest, the smilingest host a dinner guest could ask for.  She truly makes you feel like family- like you belong there!

Kelly knows food and she knows people!

CWC is special.  These sisters are special.  This family is special.  Most importantly, the food is special.  Oh, did I mention the fried chicken? Devine. Yep.  My new fave; no doubts!

Tip: follow these ladies on Facebook and insta for all kinds of special events!

GO THERE (CWC)! TRY THAT (Third Thursday, Sunday Brunch)!

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